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    Housemade Products, Converted to Metric to fit the European market

    True-Tilt Bevel Grind Table


    The rumors are true.The True-Tilt is the only 2x72 attachment that'll have you achieving symmetrical bevel grinds and hollow grinds in no time...without a jig. This collab between Housemade and Bald Man Knife & Tool,...

    Glass Platen


    The HouseMade Glass Platen Assembled and pre-fabricated with a wear-plate and a bottom support rail for safety - just bolt it up and grind away.  Introducing our new glass platen...

    Gen-5 Metric wheel set


    Set of 4 A grade solid aluminium grinder wheels for any 2x72 beltgrinder. Made right here in Holland  All roller bearings have spacers between the bearings to prevent side load....

    Metric Apollo Forge Essentials Bundle


    Get everything in the Forge Build kit along with our other core Apollo products in one shot, with the Essentials bundle. This bundle includes: Digital plans for your forge build [instant...

    Ammo Can for DIY VFD protection


    The perfect (Awesome looking) VFD protection case for your Cheap VFD. keep it dust free at a fraction of the cost of an ip65 vfd. inside dimensions are: 280x145x175 mm ...

    VFD Controller Mount


    3D-printed black VFD controller mount, shown in Brian's $100 VFD video below. This VFD controller mount consists of two (2) 3D-printed pieces, the controller bezel and the angled mount base.  Some of these VFDs...

    Laser Cut Platen Kit


    Laser-cut parts for the platen bracket. Now includes hardware and the option to have us fabricate this for you. These are designed to fit the D-Plate of the Revolution. All you...

    Gen 5 Revolution Hardware Pack


    All the nuts, bolts, spacers, washers and handles you need to build the Generation 5 Revolution 2x72 belt grinder.

    Gen 5 D-Plate


    Laser cut Gen 5 D-plate - works with any Revolution grinder and with some slight modification to the spacing can work with most 2x72 Belt Grinders.

    Metric Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Bundle


    What's new for Gen 5? New multi-axis tracking mechanism New steel fully-adjustable handles New pre-fabricated aluminum tracking hinge New D-plate with option to add 4" (100mm) contact wheel Updated motor...

    Contact Wheel Tooling arm


    Contact Wheel Tooling arm for the Revolution 2x72 Belt Grinder. This pre-fabricated  Contact Wheel Tooling Arm ships fully welded up  and ready to go. Slide it right into your Revolution 2x72 belt grinder...

    Metric Apollo Launch Pad


    Protect your forge floor bricks from flux & physical damage. They're a perfect fit. Our Launch Pad forge trays will keep the fire brick of your forge floor perfectly clean and...

    Metric Apollo Forge Build Kit


    PRE SALE! The details have been perfected and the final design is launched. This is a premium DIY kit that won't handcuff you. Use it, abuse it, and pop the...

    Metric Apollo Ribbon Burner


    PRE ORDER. Lavamix ratio is dead-on smooth and we're in full production mode for Apollo Ribbon Burners. Lead-time to ship is one week. We make sure our ribbon burners are fully...

    2x72 Belt Hanger


    Yep, you melted down Brian's DMs so we have made them available in Europe aswel 3D-printed black abrasive belt hangers in sets of 4 or 6.  3 holes for mounting any way...

    Metric Revolution Fast-Track System


    Upgrade your grinder to Generation 5 tracking with the Revolution Fast-Track System.  YES! It's reverse-compatible with ALL previous versions of the Revolution 2x72. Super easy dual-axis tracking in forward and...

    Drive Wheel 187mm (7 inch) 24mm Bore


    1 A grade solid aluminium Drive wheel for any 2x72 beltgrinder. Made right here in Holland  All roller bearings have spacers between the bearings to prevent side load.  Lock bolt placed off...

    Revolution Metric Grinder Wheel Set


    Set of 4 A grade solid aluminium grinder wheels for any 2x72 beltgrinder. Made right here in Holland  All roller bearings have spacers between the bearings to prevent side load....

    Gen 5 Tube Steel Pack


    This is every piece of tube steel needed to build the Revolution Grinder. Pre lasercut and tapped for you.   weld seams will be removed for you

    Leather Platen


    The HouseMade Luxe Platen Assembled with a wear-plate and a bottom support rail - hardware included. Fit it up and go.  Introducing our new Luxe Platen for your Revolution 2x72 belt...

    Inswool Ceramic Liner


    INSWOOL 2300 Fiber Paper is a ceramic fiber product rated at 2300°F. Inswool 2300 Paper is recommended for continuous use at temperatures up to 2300°F in applications where insulating efficiency...

    Metric Apollo Air Funnel


    This 3D-printed Apollo air funnel channels the air from our preferred blower to a male 2" BSP pipe thread. Hot off the beds of our 3D printers We print these in-house using industrial...

    Metric Apollo Forge Door Hinges


    You asked for hinged forge doors - here's the upgrade you wanted. Weld them up and forge on. These hinges that convert your Apollo doors from sliding to swinging are exactly...

    Misting System


    This is an add-on for any 2x72 Belt grinder. It will magnetize to any steel surface. Misting system (assembled and ready to use) 1 Sprayer 1 clear hose for water...

    Perfect Blade Sharpening Attachment


    Precision Sharpening with the Perfect Blade Sharpening Attachment  This Denis Tyrell + HouseMade collab is the latest launch of a sharpening attachment, and simple to use and master. Just grab a blade clamp...

    50mm (2 inch) Platen Wheel Set


    Set of 2 A grade solid aluminium Platen wheels for any 2x72 beltgrinder. Made right here in Holland  All roller bearings have spacers between the bearings to prevent side load.  ...

    300x50mm (12inch) grooved Contact Wheel


    300x50 (12'') Well Balanced  12mm Bearings Installed    

    100x50mm (4inch) Contact Wheel


    The 100mm  (4") 2x72 aluminum-core rubber contact wheels are ready to go for the new Generation 5 Revolution. We have solid wheels for fine polishing and grooved wheels for heavy grinding [the...

    Set of tooling arms 40x40mm


    Standard tooling arms for the Revolution 2x72 Belt Grinder. 450mm in length. A set of 2.

    26" Radius Platen


    Work on the curve of a 52-inch contact wheel without having an actual giant 52-inch wheel.  This 26" radius platen will level-up your hollow grind and s-grind a LOT. There's no...

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